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The New Bedford Housing Authority invites Contractors to submit Bid Proposals for NBHA-058-2020.
Westlawn Courtyard Design Phase II in New Bedford, Massachusetts, in accordance with the
documents prepared by Ray Dunetz Landscape Architecture, Inc.
The construction cost is estimated to be $140,000.00
General Bids will be received until 2:00 PM, Friday, September 11, 2020 and publicly opened online,
Please review the instructions in the bid documents on how to register as an electronic bidder. The
bids are to be prepared and submitted at www.biddocsonline.com. Tutorials and instructions on how
to complete the electronic bid documents are available online.
All Bids should be submitted online at www.biddocsonline.com and received no later than the date and
time specified above.
All bids must conform with provisions of Mass. General Law, Chapter 149, Section 44A to 44L, inclusive
and the Instruction to Bidders.
Each General Bid shall be accompanied by:
A. General Bid form
B. 5% Bid Deposit
C. Bidder Reference Form
D. Debarment Disclosure Form
E. HUD Form 5369 and 5369A
F. Certificate of Vote Authorization
G. Certificate of Schedule Compliance
H. Certificate of Workmanship Compliance
I. Non-Collusive Affidavit
J. Tax Compliance Certification
K. Certificate of Bidder regarding EEO
L. HUD Form 2530 Previous Participation
M. Certificate of Compliance Executive Order 11246
N. Massachusetts Executive Order 481
O. Section 3 Compliance Agreement – August 2018 – Section B
P. Unit Pricing Form
No Bid of a General Bidder shall be withdrawn, after opening thereof, prior to thirty (30) days, Saturdays,
Sundays, and legal holidays excluded, of the award of the general contract, without the consent of the
New Bedford Housing Authority.
Westlawn Courtyard Design Phase II Page 2 of 4 NBHA-058-2020
Once the Awarding Authority determines the low bidder, it will verify whether the Contractor is eligible
by checking the Contractor’s most recent work noted on Bidder Reference Form.
The Prime Contractor is not required to have any DCAMM Certifications.
A Pre-bid conference shall be held on Wednesday, September 2, 2020, at 10:00 am. Attendees shall
follow state COVID guidelines during attendance, including wearing of masks, and 6’ minimum social
distancing. The meeting will start at the Westlawn Development office located at 197 Liberty Street, New
Bedford, MA 02746.
Each bid shall be accompanied by a bid deposit in the form of a bid bond, cash, certified check,
treasurer’s check or cashier’s check issued by a responsible bank or trust company made payable to the
New Bedford Housing Authority in the amount of 5% of the bid proposal. The Bid Deposit shall be
satisfactory to the awarding authority and conditioned upon the faithful performance by the principal of
the agreements contained in the Bid. (A scanned copy shall be included with the electronic bid.)
Bid Forms and Contract Documents will be available at www.biddocsonline.com (may be viewed
electronically and hardcopy requested) or at Nashoba Blue, Inc. at 433 Main Street, Hudson, MA 01749
on or after Wednesday, August 26, 2020.
There is a plan deposit of $50.00 per set (maximum of 2 sets) payable to Bid Docs Online Inc. Deposits
may be electronically paid or must be a certified or cashier’s check. This deposit will be refunded for up
to two sets for general bidders and for one set for sub-bidders upon return of the sets in good condition
within thirty (30) days of receipt of general bids. Otherwise the deposit shall be the property of the
Awarding Authority.
Additional sets may be purchased or mailed (see www.biddocsonline.com website for rates). Bidders
requesting Contract Documents to be mailed to them shall include a separate check for $40.00 per set for
UPS Ground (or $65.00 per set for UPS overnight), payable to BidDocs Online Inc. to cover mail
handling costs.
This contractor and all subcontractors shall furnish to the Owner, with the first certified payroll report,
documentation indicating that each employee has successfully completed 10 hours of an OSHA course in
construction safety and health. This course must be approved by the United States Occupational Health
and Safety Administration.
Westlawn Courtyard Design Phase II Page 3 of 4 NBHA-058-2020
The New Bedford Housing Authority reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive informalities
in the bidding if it be in the public interest to do so.
Minimum rates of pay have been established for the project by the Secretary of Labor in accordance with
Public Law 403 and the Seventy-fourth Congress approved August 10, 1935 as amended. Wages are
subject to minimum wage rates determined by the State of Massachusetts, Department of Labor.
Bids are subject to M.G.L. c.149 §44 A-J & to minimum wage rates as required by M.G.L. c. l49 §§
26 to 27H inclusive.
All bids must conform with provisions of Mass. General Law, Chapter 149, Section 44A to 44L
inclusive, M.G.L. c.30 § 39M & to minimum wage rates as required by the Davis/Bacon
Acts subject to the provisions of 29 CFR 5.5 as amended by the U.S. Department of Labor. The
project is subject to Title VI of the Civil rights Act of 1964, Section 3 of the Housing and Urban
Development Act of 1968 and the instructions to Bidders.
The NEW BEDFORD HOUSING AUTHORITY is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Contract ID#: NBHA 058-2020
Date Contract added: 08/28/20 8:00 AM
Closing Bid Deadline: 09/11/20 2:00 PM
Contract Status: Open

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The New Bedford Housing Authority cannot track vendors, bidders, or proposers who download an IFB or RFP therefore all bidders, vendors and proposers who download an IFB or RFP are responsible for checking the website periodically for any addenda to the IFB or RFP issued by the New Bedford Housing Authority. Addendums could be issued up to 48 hours before the bid closing.

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