Trash Compactor Replacement at 12 Ruth Street ( Tripp Towers)

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Date Issued: Wednesday March 27, 2024

Quotes will be accepted at the New Bedford Housing Authority (NBHA), Procurement Office, until the date and time noted below. Quotes may be hand delivered, mailed, faxed and/or e-mailed. Immediately following the deadline listed below for accepting quotes, the results will be recorded, posted in the Procurement Office, 128 Union Street, 4TH Floor, New Bedford, Mass., 02740 and e-mailed to all bidders for;


Trash Compactor Replacement


12 Ruth Street

(State Project 667-2)

New Bedford, Massachusetts, 02740

STATE aided public housing development in New Bedford Massachusetts.


A pre-quote meeting to view the project may be arranged by contacting; Timothy Pavao, Maintenance Supervisor: 508-997-4846 (shop) or 508-207-3869 (cellphone) or (e-mail) or at the Myrtle Street Maintenance shop located at 393 Myrtle Street. You may also contact Joselynn Fernandes, Management Aide: 508-997-4856 (office) or (e-mail) at the New Bedford Hotel Apartments Property Management Office at 12 Ruth Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts, 02740.

Quote Deadline/Opening: Thurs. April 11, 2024 at 2:00 p.m.

If there are any questions regarding this RFQ, then please contact Kevin Rego at the NBHA Procurement Office. If there are any questions regarding the work, then please contact Tim Pavao, State Projects Maintenance Supervisor.

Contract Filesize: 196KB
Contract ID#: NBHA 24-108
Date Contract added: 03/27/24 8:30 AM
Closing Bid Deadline: 04/11/24 2:00 PM
Contract Status: Awarded

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The New Bedford Housing Authority cannot track vendors, bidders, or proposers who download an IFB or RFP therefore all bidders, vendors and proposers who download an IFB or RFP are responsible for checking the website periodically for any addenda to the IFB or RFP issued by the New Bedford Housing Authority. Addendums could be issued up to 48 hours before the bid closing.



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