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The New Bedford Housing Authority is inviting proposals from qualified Architectural/ Engineering Firms to provide professional design and construction administration services for the Windows Replacement Project located at the Presidential Heights Family Development, which has a property office address of 159 Fillmore Street, New Bedford, MA 02746.  The construction related work includes: the removal of the existing windows, interior & exterior trim; installation of window flashing; installation of new construction windows; installation of interior & exterior trim.  Project number: NBHA #022-2022.

Presidential Heights is a one hundred ninety-eight (198), unit federal-funded family development located near the north end of the city.  The property office resides at 159 Fillmore Street, New Bedford, MA 02746 in the heart of the development.  Constructed in 1941, it is the second-oldest public housing development in the city of New Bedford.  There are one, two, three, four, and five bedroom units throughout including ten (10) ADA accessible units.  The buildings are a wood frame construction with asphalt shingle roofs, brick veneer and cementitious lap siding.  The window trim is made of painted engineered pressed wood fastened with surface mounted galvinized nails.  The existing windows are double hung type constructed with aluminum frames & sashes and contain insulated glass.  Storm windows have been installed over the existing windows throughout.

The Architectural/ Engineering services requested under this solicitation include all investigative, design, final design/ schematics, cost estimation, construction documents, bidding, construction administration, and project close-out services.  The successful Architect/ Engineer may also be required to employ a Clerk of the Works as a reimbursable cost with 10% mark-up.  Final drawings must be submitted to the NBHA on AutoCAD.  The scope includes this project being bid electronically on  The Architect/ Engineer must provide two hard copies of the complete contract documents to the NBHA when posted on for review by the public.

Estimated cost of construction is $1,000,000.00.  This Project encompasses the design/ engineering services for the installation of new construction windows.  Construction of this building began before 1978, please ensure that the specifications include compliance with EPA rules for Renovation, Repair and Painting Program.

Architects/ Engineers submitting proposals must be registered in Massachusetts and be experienced in residential modernization with prior HUD, DHCD, and public housing authority experience preferred.

Interested firms may obtain a copy of the Request for Proposals by calling or mailing a written request to the New Bedford Housing Authority Modernization Department 128 Union Street 4th floor, New Bedford, MA 02740.  508-997-4852.  Or by electronic request via

Requests for Information, (RFI’s) must be submitted no later than 9:00 am 6/6/2022.  Request must be directed to the New Bedford Housing Authority Modernization Department 128 Union Street 4th floor, New Bedford, MA 02740.  508-997-4852.  Or by electronic request via  Questions must include the Proposer’s name, the name, title, address, telephone number, & email address of the individual to whom responses to the Proposer’s questions should be provided.  The NBHA will provide all individuals that received a copy of this Solicitation with the questions posed to the NBHA by the Solicitation deadline along with responses within a reasonable time after the Solicitation question deadline.

Proposals must be submitted no later than 2:00 PM on 6/9/2022 or mailed to The New Bedford Housing Authority Modernization Department 4th floor 128 Union Street New Bedford, MA 02740 or sent electronically to   Submit one original copy of the Proposal.

Minimum rates of pay have been established for the project by the Secretary of Labor in accordance with Public Law 403 and the Seventy-fourth Congress approved August 10, 1935, as amended.

Proposals are subject to M.G.L. c. 7C subsections 44-58 & to minimum wage rates established for the project by the Federal Davis-Bacon Act (DBA).

A Pre-Bid walkthrough is scheduled for 10:00 am on 6/2/2022.  Meeting will begin at 159 Fillmore Street, New Bedford, MA. 02746.  All proposers are urged to visit the site before submitting a proposal in order to understand the conditions of the project.

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Contract ID#: NBHA #022-2022
Date Contract added: 05/18/22 12:01 AM
Closing Bid Deadline: 06/09/22 2:00 PM
Contract Status: Open

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The New Bedford Housing Authority cannot track vendors, bidders, or proposers who download an IFB or RFP therefore all bidders, vendors and proposers who download an IFB or RFP are responsible for checking the website periodically for any addenda to the IFB or RFP issued by the New Bedford Housing Authority. Addendums could be issued up to 48 hours before the bid closing.


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